Monday, November 16, 2009

Introducing Kaiden Michael Lambert

Here are a few pictures of our new handsome baby boy. We are all doing great. The girls are so in love with their little brother. He is in goods hands with 3 mommies!

Friday, June 19, 2009

It's a...................BOY!!!!

I can't really believe it yet but the picture says it all. It's a boy! We are very excited and happy! I wasn't sure how Kylie was going to react because the hole time she has said that she wanted a sister. She has told us that if it was a boy she would be very sad and that it must be the wrong one!! We took her with us to the ultrasound and when the tech said it was a boy she put her head down like she does when she is upset or going to cry. I thought oh great here we go but when she lifted her head she had a big smile and said she was happy to be getting a baby brother. It was very cute! I just love her. It was so fun having her there to be a part of that. Kylie got to tell the grandparents and her sister. Jordyn doesn't seem to mind she probably doesn't really get it yet!

This is a side view of the baby

This is a picture of his face. It looks like an alien!!

This is his arm and hand

This is his cute little foot.

And here are the boy parts!

We weren't able to get any 3D pictures of his face because he had it smashed into my placenta. But I have to have another ultrasound in 8 weeks because they weren't able to see his spine very well since he was laying on it. So hopefully we will be able to get good ones of his face then. Everything looked great and now I know why this pregnancy has been so hard!! Darn BOYS!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bad blogger

Well I haven't been great at blogging again. But in my defense there has been a lot going on as you will see in the posts that follow.

The most exciting news is that we are expecting a new member of the family in November. Yep that is right I am pregnant with baby #3. Here are some pictures. I know it is hard to tell but that is a baby and there is just one.

Everyone is very excited especially Kylie. She always askes how the baby is and feels my tummy and asks where the baby is at. She talks and kisses the baby. She is so happy. Jordyn just walks around saying "mommy have baby in tummy". She doen't get it yet but I'm sure she will. The girls both say they want a baby sister. We would like a boy but healty is all that really matters!

My big girl turned 4!

Okay so this is going to be a long post because there are lots of pictures. Kylie turned 4 in April and we had her party at Garlands Gymnastics. She had so much fun and the the guy running it did a great job. Kylie is my scardy cat but he got her to do things I never would have got her to do! She loved every minute of it. All the other kids had fun also. We will probably put Kylie in gymnastics here I think he would be able to teach her a lot. I can't believe Kylie is 4 years old. It seems like she was just born. She acts so much older than her age and is a very caring and loving little girl. She is growing into a wonderful little lady! This is Kylie flipping over the bar which I have never gotten her to do. Jordyn is jumping on the tramp and Trent is watching Kylie flip over the bar.

Here is my little jumping bean!!

Here are the kids listening to the rules and waiting to start playing!

Kylie having a ball on one of the rope swings.

The birthday girl got to do all the things first and then the rest of the party could do them. So here are the kids waitng for their turn.

Kylie on the big rope swing. This one was her favorite rope swing!

There she is just swingin..

Kylie with her best friend Ella. These two girls are so cute together and they both are such good friends to each other. They go to the same daycare and love to have play dates too. Ella's mom is on of my freinds and co-workers.

Here is Ella on the swing.

This is McKenna on the swing.

This is hailey going over the bars. This is Ella's little sister. She is such a cute little girls and very brave!

Here is Jordyn trying out the big rope swing. She wasn't strong enough to hold herself on but she still had fun with daddy.

This is a bunge slig shot and only the birthday child gets to go in it. I really didn't think Kylie would do it but the guy was really good and got her in it.

Up she goes. Look at that smile

She is up so high and having a blast

Here comes the human sling shot!

The happy Birthday girl!

Look how high she goes up! He also had her doing flips but I didn't get in pics I was to busy watching in amazement!

The cupcake birthday cake.

Opening presents. She is standing by Katelyn. I was a very fun day and boy did the girls sleep well that night! Kylie Marie I love you so much!!


Here are a few pictures of the girls on Easter. We had the egg hunt inside because the weather wasn't great. The girls didn't care they had fun!!Kylie finding an egg.
Jordyn finding an egg!

The girls loving on their catapillers.

Having fun going through their baskets.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Here are a few pictures of the girls all ready for St. Patricks Day!! There will be no pincning of these cute little girls!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bad blogger!

Okay I have been very bad at blogging so I have spent all of nap time plus a little extra time catching up. I have made so many posts that you well have to go back a page to see all the new posts! Sorry I will try to be better at updating!

Thanks for looking!